December 28, 2013

Cosmetic Line-Cutters

Line-cutters, here, meaning short cuts or tricks that no one really talks about or maybe they do, but these are my favorites. A quick list - hopefully - that you can refer to.
  • Cream blush can double as a lip color and lip color can double as a cream blush. For lip color, rub some on the back of your hand and pick it up with a blush brush or fingers and dabble on the cheaks. 
  • Mascara can be many things: with an angle brush it can be a liner on top and bottom, it can be used to tame dark-hued brows or set them into place, or of course, as mascara. (Too, if you've got dark hair, use mascara to tame fly-aways around the hairline.)
  • Used up a mascara? Clean up the wand with remover and soap and water to use as a spoolie.
  • Use that mascara wand (cleaned, of course) as a spoolie to tame brows, comb through mascara, tame fly-aways around the hairline. Spritz with hairspray or dabble on some hair gel for a little hold if using on the hair or brows. 
  • Brow powder is a magical thing, too. Use it for brows, eye shadow, liner, and contouring! Contouring powder or bronzer can be used for the inverse. 
  • If your skin isn't super-sensitive to silicas, silica powder is amazing as a setting agent.
  • Witch hazel is a wonderful makeup remover and is a lot gentler than astringent alcohols. 
  • Moisturize fully before makeup primers and makeup in general. Lips, too!
  •  My routine for quickness and efficiency: shower, brush teeth, moisturize, blow-dry, make-up, style, lips and fragrance very last.
  • Nails smudge mid-drying stage? Lick it - seriously, if it's not too wet, you can use your tongue to push smooth it over. Google this. It works, I promise. 
  • Un-coated junk aspirin has great exfoliating properties. I don't recommend using it as a mask because your skin sucks up things like that. But do put about five in your hand, soak them in warm water and allow them to dissolve. Mix this with your cleanser or use it straight-up, it's wonderful! Use infrequently, this is pretty tough stuff!
  • Sugar does the same as the above but it's most abrasive! Be careful. (Use on legs before and after shaving, too, as a scrub or all over with body wash, it works wonderfully!)
  • Sugar and lemon make a great facial scrub. Lemon will brighten and fade acne and freckles, sugar will scrub away dead skin and reveal fresh, new skin. 
I'll continue to add to this list when I'm not so tired.

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