December 28, 2013


...was great this year, as is every year. So very thankful for my family and friends and this year, it was spent with them because my job-change this year has put me in such a better place where the hours don't bring me to tears.

I got lots of stuff but most importantly, I got to spend lots of time at home with those that claim me (thank God - no one else will)! Christmas gifts included a deluxe dozen cupcake baker (in the color pink, no less) that'll cook a batch in about eight minutes! Very excited! Cash - always nice, gas is going to go fast next semester, and a table and chairs that I've been wanting. And my parents finally got me a heated blanket that I didn't know I needed until well, now, my tootsies are nice and cozy.

I also gave a lot of stuff this year, too, giving is the part I like about Christmas. I love shopping for others - I start in September, most years! It's always nice to see someone's face light up after opening a well-thought out gift. It it selfish that I shop for others just for inner satisfaction of the concept that I have made their day? Ha.

Just stopping in to round up December. I'm about to post another "list." This is turning into a "list" blog. Oh, well. I hope everyone had a safe, happy, loving Christmas with family and friends and if you didn't, I hope you're smiling for some reason or have some time before a new year to take for yourself. Enjoy what's left of 2013 and 2014, please be nice!


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