June 11, 2013

Time for a Pantry-Raid

I don't normally do this but when you're broke, you're bored, and you're hungry - it just sort of happens. There will be no pictures in this post because, frankly, photographing this sandwich was the last thing on my mind.

This is the best chicken salad I've ever had and I LOVE chicken salad. Heaven between two toasted slices of bread, I tell ya'! Here it goes:

1/2 can of fully cooked chopped chicken (yes, like the tuna - wait, you could do tuna if you'd rather. I guess I know what tomorrow's lunch is going to be!)
1/2 diced apple (picked a big, juicy red one for this!)
1 handful of chopped pecans
1 handful of Craisins (in lieu of grapes, which I did not have)
Bit of salt
Bit of pepper
1 glop of mayo (yes, glob. It's a unit of measurement here in the south)

Toast your bread if you prefer and eat it up. It's amazing. And if I had any tomatoes on hand, I'd have sliced them up and thrown them on my sandwich to, but alas! I did not have fresh tomatoes.

ANNNND if you've got leftover chicken salad, use the rest of that apple, slice it up, and use it as a spoon to finish everything off. So. stinking. good.