October 6, 2015


I’m sick…again…and every time I get sick, I feel like writing about it because I can’t go to school, I can’t go to work, and what else is there?! I thought about writing up a review for my last tart order, but I can’t rightly smell anything. I thought I’d write up a haul, but I can’t remember what all I ordered. I thought I’d write up a couple of DIYs, but again, I can’t do much anything because this cold/sinus crap, whathaveyou, has got such a hard hold on me. 

So let’s revisit the past, shall we, and I’m going to write up how to better survive these awful sicknesses going around this time of the year. Let’s begin!

For starters, the very second you feel a cold coming on, grab you come Coldcalm! Seriously! This stuff is relatively inexpensive for a regular package (less than $10 at Walgreens with their Member’s Card) and it’s all natural. I’m tired of shoving marked pills into my face, like I feel like I’ve been doing for months now (all prescription, no worries). This holistic approach helped ease the duration of my symptoms. My colds will last about a week; 5-7 days, usually, and this has shortened it to 4 days. I feel like tomorrow, I’ll be off to a much better start. 

Next, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I cannot say this enough. The gunk that’s coming out of your nose when it’s running, the ick you’re coughing up, sorry, but replace this all with water. Juice is fine, too, and tea, but make sure you’re alternating anything other than water with water so that you stay hydrated. Also, a nonproductive cough is caused by dryness, and this can be helped by staying hydrated. 

Drinks I recommend include: tea, water, and all natural juices. Any added sugars are going to “gunk” up your system, even more, so maybe stay away from anything too heavily concentrated or laden with sugar. If you can’t help that, cute it with water. I love herbal teas for anything illness-related. There’s peppermint teas for morning time and lavender or chamomile tea for evenings. These are easy to drink when you’re sick and can be sweetened with honey. Honey is antibacterial and will be easy on a sore throat. Hydrating lozenges or cough drops are good to have. 

For coughing, I know this one weird trick, and don’t ask me how or why it works, I have no idea. My mom used to put Vicks Rub on my feet at night and cover them with socks. No mess and it made me stop coughing. This works even now long enough for me to get to sleep. If I wake up in the middle of the night and repeat the process, it still blows my mind by how quickly it takes effect. True, it’s not the most pleasant experience, but it works. I can see peppermint or tea tree oil working on the soles of the feet, as well, but who knows. I also put a touch of Vicks on my upper lip, too, to ease congestion.
For other tips and tricks: prop up your head as you sleep to allow sinus drainage. Yum, right? Sleep in a well-ventilated area, no open windows, and I find that 70 degrees works best. Hm, what else? Oh, stay hydrated and go to bed with a water bottle next to you. If you’re anything like me, you’ll wake up and have the worst case of cotton-mouth with a side order of funky breath and dry lips. Again…yum! 

Let’s recap and I’ll add in a few other must-dos…

  • ·         Drink plenty of fluids!
  • ·         Eat with your medication; even just a little bit!
  • ·         Stock up on Vitamin C!
  • ·         Wash your hands like you’re being paid for it
  • ·         Sleep propped up and in a good sleeping setting
  • ·         Tea is awesome and good for you!
  • ·         Vicks Rub + socks = no coughing fits!
  • ·         Cough it up? Spit it out! (Yeah, sorry, but it works!)

·         Hot showers and hot baths are especially comforting when you’re sick.
I am not a doctor and have no medical training, so I can’t tell you what is right for you. But if you’re like me and can’t readily get to a doctor or just want to fight off a simple cold for yourself, I’m behind ya! These things work for me, so they may help you. Or they may not. I recommend a quick visit to a local nurse practitioner; they’re well-versed in common colds. Stay well, guys, flu season is upon us!

February 26, 2015

Ten Digit Creations Strikes Again!

I’m reporting to you live from my bedroom after a brief afternoon in the snow. We don’t get snow here in North Mississippi, but today, we’ve gotten 6-7 inches plus! And it doesn’t appear to be stopping. Thankfully, I picked up my mail before the flurries came and in it was a large package from Ten Digit Creations. Yes, again. They’re affordable, there’s always something new, I love the way they blend scents, and it’s super quick! They operate just two states over so the turnaround time has never, ever been more than three days for me. (I love instant gratification!) These scents are different from the brighter ones I normally order, and I ended up with a lot of Lush dupes, which we all know and love! Also, there’s two perfume oils! So, here we go.

Lush Sampler:  (9.75 for 9 singles)

Avobath – “Avobath (L type) ~ a lemongrass scent on steroids”
            I’ve bought this before and I’ll buy it everytime I order. It’s just like the Lush scent I love so much, and just like the scent description. It’s sweet, tart, bright, and clean. Love!

Rose Jam – “Rose Jam (L type) ~ blend of rose, geranium, lemon, and tonka bean”
            I don’t know what Rose Jam smells like; this one may have to cure before I review it. All I’m getting is sweet roses and a plastic smell from the packaging. Sometimes curing helps. I’ll leave this one out for a little while and see if it softens up. 

Vanillary – “Vanillary (L type) ~ blend of vanilla, warm tonka bean, and light jasmine”
            This one is close to the original Lush scent. It’s just as warm, but maybe too easy on the jasmine? Something slightly off, but not enough to bother with. It’s a nice, round vanilla scent. It’s sort of milky, if that makes sense, very rich. 

Jungle – “Jungle (L type) ~ earthy cypress and cedar are wrapped in ylang ylang and green foliage”
            I hadn’t known Lush had this scent, but now that I do, I am on their website looking for it because it’s amazing. If they are at all alike, I need more of it. This one is beautiful. There’s earthy dirt in there, greenery, woodsy notes, oh, it’s awesome. 

Skinny Dip – “Skinny Dip (L type) ~ blend of sage, clove, and white chocolate”
            Cannot compare this one either (really, what good am I?)… This one is kind of spicy, very earthy and herby. No white chocolate of which to speak, and that sucks because I love white chocolate and the way it smells. I’ll maybe let this one cure. 

Sultana – “Sultana (L type) ~ fruity-floral blend balanced with ginger and warm woodsy musk”
            Definitely warm, definitely ginger. The fruit note is prevalent, too, it’s perfect for easing out of my winter scents and into my spring scents. I like this one! No comparison to the original Lush scent, I haven’t smelled it in so long. But the others are on point, I can’t imagine this one is far off.

Sex Bomb – “Sex Bomb (L type) ~ soft white florals blended with violet and sheer musk”
            This one is perfect. I need this in a perfume oil! Very beautifully floral, but soft. Only slightly powdery. This one is amazing. (I do, sooo, wish they made bath bombs!)

Snow Cake – “Snow Cake (L type) ~ warm sophisticated smell of marzipan”
            Again, I’m sorry I don’t know what this originally smells like. I do know what marzipan smells like and this is it. I like this one, it’s sweeter and a bit warm. Smells familiar, too.

The Comforter – “The Comforter (L type) ~ black currant with notes of bergamot and cypress”
            Funny story. After I had ordered Avobath, I thought they’d do well making the Comforter (one of my favorite Lush scents), and just a week after, they released it in Februrary. Wonderful. And it’s spot on. (Again, they should dive into the world of bath bombs – literally!) Very warm and slightly woodsy. The black currant is there and there’s raspberry notes, too. Love it. Spot on.

Wax Melt Sampler (13.75 for 13 singles)

White Lace & Feathers – “White Lace & Feathers ~ sensual blend of white citrus, amber, cashmere, sandalwood, white musk, and a whisper of a warm ocean breeze”
            Lots of amber in this one, it’s very soft and there’s lots of warmth. No citrus on cold sniff, though, but either way. It’s nice, but this may go to someone else. I might have overlooked the amber in this because, frankly, I don’t care for amber at all. 

Sea Salt & Rice Flower – “Sea Salt & Rice Flower ~ sea salt mingled with creamy rice flower, citrus peel, and cotton blossoms”
            This is another spa scent. It’s nice and clean, very bright, and slightly powdery. Not sure what rice flower smells like, but there is a salty element and a tiny hint of citrus. This would make a nice linen or room spray. I do like it. 

Victorian Rose – “Victorian Rose ~ fresh cut roses with base notes of white musk and amber”
            I’m not liking this on cold sniff. I get faux roses and plastic; I’ll let this one cure. (No amber, again, good.)

Lavender & Coconut Milk – “Lavender & Coconut Milk ~ fresh lavender petals and creamy coconut milk”
            Warm, sweet lavender mixed with more warm, sweetness from the coconut milk. This one is already making me sleepy! I love it. It’s slightly powdery but very much an authentic lavender scent. The coconut is not too heavy, either. Well done!

Rosemary Grapefruit – “Rosemary Grapefruit (Votivo type) ~ shards of fragrant rosemary sprinkled onto ripe grapefruit halves”
            Is that a thing? Putting rosemary on grapefruit and eating it? Whatever. I’ve never smelled anything from Votivo. But this is lovely. It reminds me of what my mom uses to clean with and it makes the house smell really nice. I get bright ruby red grapefruit and rosemary altogether. Lovely. 

Olive Blossom – “Olive Blossom ~ fresh and clean aroma composed of fresh olive leaves, green ivy, crisp orange, with subtle notes of sandalwood and musk”
Absolute favorite. It’s green, bright, just the tiniest bit sweet, there’s the citrus note, oh, it’s so yummy. The sandalwood and musk is faint but there in the background. I need more of this in my life. 

Pomegranate & Juniper Berry – “Pomegranate & Juniper Berry ~ tart pomegranate is softened by the earthy aroma of fresh juniper berries”
            I’m not sure what juniper smells like, but there’s definitely pomegranate there and something more soft and muted. It’s earthy and herby, but bright and tart. I like this one.

Wine & Roses – “Wine & Roses ~ a glass of sweet red wine paired with a dozen long-stemmed red roses
            I’ve been craving rose scents since after Valentine’s Day, go figure, and this one does me just right. There’s a deep, red wine note covered in the floral rose scent I’ve been looking for. It’s slightly sweet like red table wine and the rose scent is super authentic. Love it!
Black Oak & Current – “Black Oak & Currant ~ lush black currants and rich forest woods are fused with amber, black pepper, geranium, Clementine, and patchouli”
            Boy, I picked some good ones this time around. This one is lovely, dark, and peppery. I’m getting very little amber, thank goodness, something spicy and slightly floral. I do like this one! Overall, pretty woodsy. 

Smoked Applewood – “Smoked Applewood ~ applewood chips with notes of ginger, pear, maple, and honey”
            This one is definitely interesting; the description is spot on. Smoke, apples, honey, oh, it’s wonderful. This would do great in the summer. It’s very sweet. 

Herb Patch – “Herb Patch ~ a fresh and clean spa fragrance with hints of fresh lavender and rosemary”
            Just right. Very green, clean, and spa-like. I do get the lavender and rosemary right off. This one is nice. Could be one of those stress-relieving scents. 

Raspberry Patchouli – “Raspberry Patchouli ~ sweet raspberries warmed by earthy patchouli”
            This is another one that’s spot on. I love the raspberries here warmed up by earthy patchouli. It’s nice and sweet; I’m sorry but anything with pomegranate in it fits my scent profile like a dream.
Frosted Lime Cupcake – “Frosted Lime Cupcake ~ a vanilla cupcake topped with lime buttercream frosting”
            This one hits the cupcake note right on. It’s buttery batter, bright, fresh lime, and frosting. Everything about this scent is perfect. They always do lime well. 

Extras…Single Tarts x 2.

Egyptian Amber – “Egyptian Amber ~ complex upscale bland of amber, vanilla, sandalwood and musk, with notes of jasmine, lavender, and orange”
            They work so hard on their amber scents. I want to like them but it’s just too warm and sweet for me, any amber I’ve ever come across. Oh, well. It would be nice, I’m sure, if I was a fan of amber. 

Red Lipstick – “Red Lipstick ~ a sassy fragrance composed of sweet cherry, violet, raspberry, cotton candy, vanilla, and musk”
            This is one of my favorites of all time and they do. They blend the scents here so well. And, note to self, get this as a roll-on for the summer time! It’s amazing. Very sweet, red cherries and strawberries right off the top. There’s vanilla, sugary cotton candy, raspberries, but no violets or musk to speak of. Either way, beautifully sweet.

Perfume Oil w/ Jojoba Oil (8.00 each)

Rogue – “Rogue ~ woodsy blend of red oak, patchouli, and cedarwood with hints of citrus and cashmere”
            I positively love this scent, but the description doesn’t stand up to the fragrance at all. It’s so, super clean. It’s a unisex fragrance. I’ve had it in tart form and it’s just as wonderful. This makes a great scent for all over. Love it. May have to have this in a body wash. 

Dead Sexy – “Dead Sexy (Tokyo Milk type) ~ vanilla, exotic woods, ebony, and white orchid”
            I love Tokyo Milk but haven’t tried their original scent. The description is right. It’s deep, dark, and sexy. Perfect for this icy cold winter we’ve been having. Love it.

February 25, 2015

DIY: Bath Bombs 101

There’s been an influx of bath bomb related noise on the interweb, I’ve noticed, and when one of my favorite Youtubers decided to post her DIY on the subject, I had to get in on it. It’s so much easier than I ever imagined and it’s honestly, a much cheaper process than I would have expected, too. Not to mention, it is entirely mind-boggling – all of the colors, scents, surprise “bursts” inside, much like Lush’s bombs that I adore so much just at half the price (or less!)…
I’m leaving a list of ingredients here and measurements, but it’s all relative to what you’re making, the humidity in your area, your preferences, etc. So adjust accordingly and don’t worry. Any screw ups can still be used at bath salt or exfoliant. You'll need...

-A binding oil (coconut, olive oil, shea, almond, grapeseed, just about anything you’d like)
-Cornstarch (helps to bind the bomb and soften the water)
-Baking soda (also helps to bind the bomb and soften the water)
-Citric acid (makes it fizz…cream of tartar can be substituted but I haven’t tried that)
-Epsom salt (gives a great bath for aching, tired muscles and it’s good for the skin
-Essential oils (gives great scent and it’s wonderful if you’re into aromatherapy)

Optional Base Ingredients:
  • Food Grade Extracts: these will add "oomf" to your bombs with scent and even light color. Almond extract, lemon, coconut, vanilla, your choice. Sparingly, it'll authenticate you bombs and boost the scent. Use this in place of any water; the mixture shouldn't get too wet.
  • Coloring: not necessary, but so cool. Straight up food coloring will work, food coloring gel (cake decorator's gel), or even powdered food grade mica will work. These colors won't be as saturated in your bombs as they will be in the water, so you may not get a primary blue from a few drops of food coloring, etc. It'll likely just be lighter in the bomb and it'll come out in the water.
  • Honey: this can be added in place of oil, but don't use too much, as honey isn't great in large doses for the nether regions of the body (just like sugar). It's good for the skin, though, and it's antibacterial. 
Optional Add-Ins - Go Wild!
  • Sugar pearls (cake decorating pearls)
  • Sugar crystals (colored or not), easy with the candy items, they make cute decorations but aren't good for certain parts of your body
  • Vitamin E oil is a great body-beneficial add-in (could substitute this for any of the aforementioned carrier oils)
  • Tea leaves have a cool effect in the tub
  • Body-safe charcoal (like you'd find for face masks, cleansers, etc.) would be a neat add-in for those experiencing body acne or those that want to simply detoxify
  • Mint, rosemary, lavender, or any other fragrant herb as an add in (find these in the chilled veggie section of the grocery story)
  • Tea tree oil can be a cool add in here; the scent is great, too
  • Oatmeal! Great for the skin, just add in with dry ingredients
  • Rose petals - how romantic!
  • Fruit rind/zest (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit) they're so fragrant and packed full of their own oil. Throw in with the dry ingredients
  • Powdered milk can be used to add a "milky" touch to the water; again, use with dry ingredients
  • Small toys can be "mashed" into the middle of bombs for an extra surprise (tiny dinosaurs, fake jewelry, etc., get creative!)
  • Food grade glitter or cake decorator's glitter has a neat effect in the tub!
I’m not giving an exact recipe or step-by-step process because, well, I don’t use either because like I said, everything’s relative. You’ll mix your dry ingredients (baking soda, salts, and citric acid) in a large bowl. (Wear a mask if you’re easily irritated, but overall, be gentle when mixing.) In a smaller bowl, portion out your carrier oil, food coloring, any other liquids you’d like to add, and your essential oil. Mix this together and then pour very slowly into the dry ingredients. Mix slowly but thoroughly. It’s easiest to do this by hand (with gloves, if you prefer) because you’ll want to know when it’s wet enough. It should be the consistency of wet sand. I.e. if you squeeze it in your hand, it takes the shape of your closed fist and doesn’t crumble easily. 

Once you’re mixed together, press the mixture into whatever mold you choose. You can use the typical clear plastic ball that comes in two halves. You can press it into a cupcake tin or a silicone muffin pan, the bottom of a plastic or Styrofoam cup, whatever. You can even go rustic and mold them free-style by hand and leave them to dry. Just pack it well with all your might so they’ll stay together. Leave these to dry overnight (I do mine after my bath at night so I’m not tempted to use them prematurely) and you’ll have a great reason to relax in the tub later on. 

Through much trial, error, and tons of bath salt, I’ve come up with some tips and tricks below to help guide you along your path of bath bombi-ness. 

  • Any time you introduce water to the mix with citric acid, it’ll fizz. Don’t panic. The mix will fizz when you add generic, food grade liquid coloring, just mix quickly and it’ll be fine. I don’t use water at all, save for the coloring.
  • Coconut oil melts at body temperature but otherwise, it hardens up nicely. This is my favorite oil to use in my bath bombs because they generally stay put together well.
  • Store these bombs in an airtight container or baggie away from water; these could ruin and fizz prematurely.
  • Did the bath bomb break or you just messed up somewhere along the way? Throw broken pieces or leftovers into a jar and keep them by the tub for straight up bath salt. No biggie.
  • You can use any kind of carrier oil: shea, almond, coconut, olive oil, etc.
  • Be careful with these bombs; any oil used can make the tub slick.
  • Cornstarch can be left out in lieu of more baking soda and citric acid.
  • Citric acid is an irritant. When airborne, it can rough up the respiratory system. Be careful and use a mask and glove when/if you need it.
  • Epsom salts can come pre-scented. You’ll usually find these in the bath item area near the cosmetics or bath/shower gels. Unscented salts will be near the medicinal items like athlete’s tape and peroxide.
  • If you do use the pre-scented salts, there’s no need for essential oils!
  • Try to use all food grade items. These will be better for your body overall. You’re not going to want warming or heating oils for oil lamps getting on your skin or in your tub.
  •  I don’t notice staining in my personal bathtub when I use regular liquid egg dye, but if you’re not sure, test a spot (like with hair color) or just have spray bleach handy for when you leave the tub.
  • Citric acid can be tricky to find. My Walmart has a canning section (lots of green labels, near the cooking utensils) and they carry citric acid here. You can also find it online and in health food stores.
  • Cream of tartar can be a substitute for citric acid, but I haven’t tested this at all. There are recipes involving this swap online. They may not fizz, though.
  • You're not going to want to use sugar (or much of it, anyway), in your bombs. Soaking in sugar isn't good for the downstairs area. If you're making exfoliating salts/sugars for the shower, though, it's fine.
  • Essentials oils aren’t hard to come by. I get mine from Amazon, but you can get them from grocery stores (try the health food aisle, the vitamin section, the cake decorating section for baker’s scents and flavors, etc.).
  • You can use just about anything as a mold; I’ll list somewhere.
  • Look up what essential oils do and you’ll be able to get creative. Some uplift the senses, some are good for respiratory health, some relax you, and some stimulate the mind. Go wild with these.
  • Do let these dry before getting to them! They’re very much worth the wait.

Mold ideas…
  • Cupcake tins! Any size, from ultra mega muffin tins to the tiny tart tins, they make great sizes all around.
  • Clear Christmas balls as molds (the ornaments?) that kinda snap together? These are perfect.
  • Silicone molds! They have these in cake decorating sections, usually.
  • Holidays bring about the cutest silicone molding pans.
  • Use two cups/small dishes (like spice dishes) to create a ball shape.
  • Again, go rustic and just make shapes with your hands!
  • You could mold them into cookie cutters that have been set on foil or parchment.
  • Use votive candle holders make neat little bombs, too.
  • Get creative! Use what you have or think outside the box.
  • Also, check online with eBay, Amazon, Etsy, just wherever. Also, craft stores will be loaded with options here for molds.

Oh, did ya’ll want to get fancy?
  • When you mix your batch, separate the mix before you color it (save the food coloring for last) and put different colors in each part of the mix. This way you can do half/half color combinations (scents, too!) and get super creative.
  • Pack in stuff like dried herbs, food grade glitter, sprinkles, etc. to your bombs when you’re molding them. These make neat surprises in the tub! (Toys, too!)
  • Put sprinkles, glitter, dried herbs, etc. into the bottom of a muffin pan or your silicone molds before pressing in your bomb mix. It’ll be very pretty once it’s removed from the mold.
  • Lush will throw strings of glitter mix throughout their bombs to create the swirling gorgeousness that they do. I am going to try to do the same with honey and food grade glitter as I pack my bomb mix into molds. Not sure but definitely going to try!
  • The scent possibilities are endless!! Mix and match to get a unique blend, but be sure to write everything down, recipe, scent blends, substitutions, measurements, etc. If you really like something you’ll want to know how to make it again!

This post covers most if it, I think, and I hope it inspires you. If I've left something out, just give it a Google, it's probably there somewhere. It's very neat to be able to make something like this on your own. It's relaxing to make them and even more relaxing to use them. They also make great gifts. Thank you, too, for giving this long article a read! Happy bathing!

February 13, 2015

An older TDC haul

This one never made it to the blog, for some reason. But here it goes; most of these scents are still available, I believe. Keepin' it plain and simple. These reviews were from fall of 2014, so yeah. Pretty old.

Clearance Items:
1x 4 pack - Pumpkin Patchouli: This is super earthy and wonderful. It smells like a pumpkin you’ve plucked from the patch yourself, still covered in dirt. There’s a deep element to it I can’t pick out, but it’s nice. Not overly loaded with patchouli, but enough to know it’s there. Lovely.
1x 4 pack – Cypress Cove: This is a reorder. I love how clean and almost masculine this scent is. It’s nice to melt when it’s raining, it sort of brings it all together. 

Zinfandel: Fruity but subtle. Think of a fruit you’d pair with a good Zinfandel and you’ll smell it here. This is nice and even, I like it. 

Dirt Road: I was excited for this one as a Southerner, we like our dirt roads. This has that “clean but dirty” element that I like in so many of TDC’s tarts. It’s super earthy, almost leathery, and slightly dusty like the inside of an old pick-up. This is crazy accurate. Love it. 

Pumpkin Carving: Had to do some super-fall ones this time! This is a bakery scent, not like raw pumpkin as I had hoped…the description, in hindsight, said nothing about raw pumpkin, so that’s my fault. Sweet, slightly spicy but not buttery. It’s just a good, standard pumpkin bakery scent. 

October Breeze: This one, like Dirt Road, is a good atmospheric scent that brings me to memories I’ve long forgotten. It has that earthy element I love and smells slightly floral. One note but it’s very nice. I like this one. 

Hayride: Another reorder, but I had forgotten what this one was like! I like the idea of it. Very soapy, slightly floral, and a touch clean. I wish this was more like hay and less like soap…and it would make a great soap. I like this one but it wasn’t what I expected. 
Poison Apple: This one is subtle but lovely. I’m getting sweet apple in the background – a scent like you’d find in a perfume or body spray – and pomegranate. This would make a great perfume. I like this one. 

Rootbeer: I’m one of the only people I know that can’t get enough of this taste or scent. And, just as I had hoped, this tart is effervescent, sweet, and straight from the soda fountain. I love this kind of scent this time of year. If you’ve ever eaten the root-beer barrel hard candies or even drank one at all and enjoyed it, this is spot-on. Just smelling it makes my mouth water. 

Cider Donut: This is a BBW dupe if I am not mistaken, but I’ve never had a chance to smell their or if I did, I do not remember what it was like. I may let this one cure. There’s a sweet, bakery scent but not a whole lot else. Slightly apple-y. I like it but it may just need to set out a bit before it’s ready to melt. 

Wine Country: This is very grapey. It’s slightly sweeter than what I’d like – wine, to me, has never been very sweet but slightly bitter, dry if it’s Merlot, and dark. This is fruity, however, and would compliment a wine-lover’s home. I like it. 

Red Lipstick: I had never seen this before from TDC, so I picked it up. There’s something super familiar about this scent but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s wonderfully sweet, though, pungent, and slightly fruity. You need this and I need more of this!

Autumn Lodge: Another reorder. This one is not how I remember, but I think it just needs to cure. It’s slightly powdery, slightly floral, very fall-like but hard to pick out distinct notes. We’ll see about this one. 

Harvest Gathering: This one is new for me. I love it. This one is going to take me from October well into November. Its fresh apples, crisp leaves, baked goods, and everything else nice about the height of the fall season. Love!

Apple Pumpkin Strudel: Very spicy! I get a lot of cinnamon here with a good balance of apple and pumpkin. I like this one a lot. No creamy not, like I expected, but it’s a good, sturdy “pumpkin/apple/cinnamon” that I need this time of year. Like it!

Freebies: This is one of the reasons I love TDC. I love freebies, who doesn’t, but I always find favorites here! It’s a good business tactic, if you think about it. 

Caramel Apples: Just as you’d expect. Sweet, creamy, sticky, and yummy. You can actually smell fresh, crisp apple here with a lovely background of hot caramel. Very well done. 

Sugared Pear: I was going to order this anyway, but decided on another scent. Glad I got to try it! This is wonderful. I need more of this. It’s very fresh and sweet. You can definitely tell it’s a pear (TDC does pear well!) and you can smell the sugar crystals! Love it!

I’m super excited for this batch and can’t wait to melt them! 

13 Ordered Tarts + 2 Freebies + 4 Pack + 4 Pack = 23 individual tarts for $20.34 (shipping was discounted this month down to $4, hooray) This breaks down to .88 per tart which is well worth it. The 13 Bakers Dozen Tart Package was $12, the two 4 pack tarts were 2.17 on mega clearance. I’m stoked!

January 9, 2015

Another TDC Haul!

It’s that time of year again; another great haul from TDC. I’ll link below to their sale page, facebook page, and etsy. I had a fall order, I reviewed it fully, never posted it, and then lost it, so there’s that. I did not do a Christmas order because of a whole other story. Thought it was time to get some winter essentials (as Mississippi has been about 14-15F the past few days…). Here we go!

Dirt Road ~ an aged wooden fence, fresh country air, and piles of fallen leaves can all be found if you drive to where the pavement ends
I have had this one before, I purchased it in the fall. I like the idea of it and the scent is nice, but is it weird that I wish it smelled much more like actual dirt? It smells a bit like leather, cool ozone, fall, slightly masculine. I like it but there are some things I would tweak about it. 

Blackberry Tea ~ a cup of herbal tea with sweet blackberries
I have had this one before, too, and it’s nice but not a reorder. It’s subtle, has that blackberry jam scent with a tea-like background. Not enough herb quality, not enough tea here. But it is nice. It kind of smells like a light wine.

I ordered several two-pack tarts that I figured I would like; I couldn’t come up with enough I wanted at the moment for the baker’s dozen sampler, although that’s what I normally get.
Vanilla Lime ~ creamy vanilla and zesty lime
This is a reorder. I like this one, it’s very summery and that’s what I need right now (as I sip my hot chocolate and turn up my space heater). It’s creamy, has a good portion of lime against vanilla, it’s lovely. (I’ve also had this in a body spray and it smells like candy!)

***Peppercorn Spice ~ exotic blend of orange, peppercorn, rich spices, and dark woods
This is new for me. This one has to cure. I get a bit of a peppery notion then nothing. I’ll update.

Pomegranate Cider ~ traditional apple cider with a huge kick of sparkling pomegranate
I really like this one; I love all things pomegranate. It’s a woody scent, slightly fruity, and a bit tart. I am not getting much apple, which is fine. They have a Pomegranate Apple scent, too, which I prefer over this one.

Kumquat ~ a sweet and sour tropical citrus fruit
Another reorder in one of my all-time favorites. This is the most pungent, bright, sweet orange scent I know of. I’ve had this in a spray and loved it; I can imagine it would be beautiful in a roll-on. It’s so fresh and clean, but still smells sweet. Makes my mouth water, I love it! Will reorder for sure.

Amazing Grace (Philosophy type) ~ bergamot, muguet blossoms, and musk
New for me, but I already love it. This smells just like the dried-down version of the scent from Philosophy. They could also do this, I think, in a roll-on, a spray, or otherwise. I will be checking those things out. As for the notes, I don’t particularly pick out each one, I just know my Mom wears AG and this smells just like it.

***Succubus ~ sexy female demons that smell of warm cardamom, spicy pink pepper, sandalwood, and musk
New for me, but seemed interesting on the sight. I do like it. It’s oddly bright, slightly powdery, and a bit clean. I’ll update after it cures.

Stress Relief (Bath & Body Works type) ~ calming blend of eucalyptus and spearmint
New for me. It’s bright and cool. Smells like a good, standard eucalyptus but not as strong as what you’d find in something like Vicks Vapo-Rub (they do have a scent like this). It’s nice; I’ll enjoy it for distressing between classes.

Orange Vanilla Coffee ~ coffee infused with sweet orange and creamy vanilla
This is one I always order when I get anything from them; I can never have enough. This is an amazing coffee scent, not to mention the orange and vanilla aspects are right on. It smells so warm and happy, bright and cheery. I could bathe in this, I swear. (If only I could get this in a mug somewhere!)\

I ordered a few brand new single tarts, too…
Red Sugar ~ raspberry, strawberry, pomegranate and cherry blended with vanilla sugar crystals
I love this one! This will definitely be a reorder (possible in a fragrance…). Smells like every red berry frosted in raw sugar. It’s sweet and bright, heavy on the strawberries. This would be a great scent for the summer.

Avobath (Lush type) ~ a lemongrass scent on steroids
This tart was the reason I placed the order. I love Lush’s Avobath bath bomb and since my home store has closed, I can’t readily get my hands on it! This smells a lot like my favorite bath treat: creamy, sweet, tart, and bright. It reminds me of Fruity Pebbles! Now, if only they’d recreate The Comforter, I’d be set!

Oxford (Scentsy type) ~ masculine blend of ginger and frankincense with woodsy cedar and amber undertones
I got this just because of the name. I love Oxford, Mississippi so much. Not that I was expecting this to smell like “Oxford,” but the name was just appealing. This scent is slightly masculine, slightly sweet, and a bit powdery for my taste. I don’t really get the notes listed, but then again, it may need to cure. 

Pretty happy with this order; especially happy to have found a great Avobath dupe!