December 30, 2013

Dream House Tag

I love tags...I do them in my head but never post them. This is for future reference just like everything else here! Tag if you're reading! This is originally from one of my favorite blogs: - she's wonderful, especially if you're a wax-lover!

Build Your Dream House Tag

1. Acreage or City Lot?
Doesn't matter! I live currently in a small suburban area (one where the houses are all different rather than cookie-cut from the same stuff) and I enjoy it. I have neighbors at all angles but no bother. I don't know how comfortable I'd feel living out on a huge piece of land with no one around, though.

2. Basement or Crawlspace?
I wouldn't mind a basement! I've never had one. At the moment, there's a crawlspace but never ever shall I see it. I don't do small spaces.

3. Attached or Detached Garage?
I have also never had a garage. I would love an attached garage but it doesn't even have to be closed in. I would just love to park my car inside and away from the elements.

4. Wood or Vinyl Siding?
Vinyl is more sturdy, right? Vinyl.

5. Brick or Stone Accents?
Stone would be nice and rustic. Bricks would be nice, too - I am neutral on this one.

6. One, Two or Three Story?
One floor. I don't like stairways - not because of the walk but they're creepy as all hell to me. I wouldn't mind a recessed den or dining room like small steps in a house, that would be awesome and cozy.

7. Hardwood floor, Tile or Carpet on main floors?
Real, finished hardwood. We've always had the peel-and-stick stuff or the clap-together boards. No carpet ever anywhere in life. Ever. That's what rugs are for!

8. How Many Bedrooms?
Just two would be nice as long as it's just me. I've always wanted to fix up a guest room. 

9. How Many Bathrooms?
One great, big bathroom attached to the master bedroom and one smaller but full bathroom to go with the guest bedroom.

10. Walk-in-closet or En-suite?

11. Jacuzzi tub or Separate Shower?
Both - it's a dream house, should I have to choose?

12. Gas or Electric Stove?
Electric, I guess.

13. Cherry, Oak, or White Kitchen Cupboards?
White...I love a bright, clean, white surface to anything.

14. Cozy Eating Nook or Large Dining Room?
Again, why can't I have both? I would love a tiny breakfast and coffee nook (with a DIY coffee bar!) and a slightly larger, maybe six-seater dining room area. Nothing huge!

15. Office or Guest Room?
Guest room!

16. Bright Modern Colors or Neutral Hues?
Neutral (I love ivories and taupes) - an easy palette to play with and bright, playful accent colors!

17. Curtains or Blinds?
We've always had both. Right now, I've got sheer black curtain panels and heavy wooden venetian blind - love them. So again, both!

18. Home gym or Kids' Playroom? kids, ever (another post, for sure), and if I had a home gym, it wouldn't get used. I might set up a treadmill in the guest room but otherwise, neither of these things.

19. Swimming pool, Hot Tub or Swing Set?
None? None of these things sound like fun. I'd like an outdoor fire pit with a few comfy outdoor seats and maybe a barbeque and bar outside, too? Stocked, please!

20. Flower Garden or Vegetable Garden?
I've always wanted a nice, big (flourishing) veggie garden!

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