January 9, 2015

Another TDC Haul!

It’s that time of year again; another great haul from TDC. I’ll link below to their sale page, facebook page, and etsy. I had a fall order, I reviewed it fully, never posted it, and then lost it, so there’s that. I did not do a Christmas order because of a whole other story. Thought it was time to get some winter essentials (as Mississippi has been about 14-15F the past few days…). Here we go!

Dirt Road ~ an aged wooden fence, fresh country air, and piles of fallen leaves can all be found if you drive to where the pavement ends
I have had this one before, I purchased it in the fall. I like the idea of it and the scent is nice, but is it weird that I wish it smelled much more like actual dirt? It smells a bit like leather, cool ozone, fall, slightly masculine. I like it but there are some things I would tweak about it. 

Blackberry Tea ~ a cup of herbal tea with sweet blackberries
I have had this one before, too, and it’s nice but not a reorder. It’s subtle, has that blackberry jam scent with a tea-like background. Not enough herb quality, not enough tea here. But it is nice. It kind of smells like a light wine.

I ordered several two-pack tarts that I figured I would like; I couldn’t come up with enough I wanted at the moment for the baker’s dozen sampler, although that’s what I normally get.
Vanilla Lime ~ creamy vanilla and zesty lime
This is a reorder. I like this one, it’s very summery and that’s what I need right now (as I sip my hot chocolate and turn up my space heater). It’s creamy, has a good portion of lime against vanilla, it’s lovely. (I’ve also had this in a body spray and it smells like candy!)

***Peppercorn Spice ~ exotic blend of orange, peppercorn, rich spices, and dark woods
This is new for me. This one has to cure. I get a bit of a peppery notion then nothing. I’ll update.

Pomegranate Cider ~ traditional apple cider with a huge kick of sparkling pomegranate
I really like this one; I love all things pomegranate. It’s a woody scent, slightly fruity, and a bit tart. I am not getting much apple, which is fine. They have a Pomegranate Apple scent, too, which I prefer over this one.

Kumquat ~ a sweet and sour tropical citrus fruit
Another reorder in one of my all-time favorites. This is the most pungent, bright, sweet orange scent I know of. I’ve had this in a spray and loved it; I can imagine it would be beautiful in a roll-on. It’s so fresh and clean, but still smells sweet. Makes my mouth water, I love it! Will reorder for sure.

Amazing Grace (Philosophy type) ~ bergamot, muguet blossoms, and musk
New for me, but I already love it. This smells just like the dried-down version of the scent from Philosophy. They could also do this, I think, in a roll-on, a spray, or otherwise. I will be checking those things out. As for the notes, I don’t particularly pick out each one, I just know my Mom wears AG and this smells just like it.

***Succubus ~ sexy female demons that smell of warm cardamom, spicy pink pepper, sandalwood, and musk
New for me, but seemed interesting on the sight. I do like it. It’s oddly bright, slightly powdery, and a bit clean. I’ll update after it cures.

Stress Relief (Bath & Body Works type) ~ calming blend of eucalyptus and spearmint
New for me. It’s bright and cool. Smells like a good, standard eucalyptus but not as strong as what you’d find in something like Vicks Vapo-Rub (they do have a scent like this). It’s nice; I’ll enjoy it for distressing between classes.

Orange Vanilla Coffee ~ coffee infused with sweet orange and creamy vanilla
This is one I always order when I get anything from them; I can never have enough. This is an amazing coffee scent, not to mention the orange and vanilla aspects are right on. It smells so warm and happy, bright and cheery. I could bathe in this, I swear. (If only I could get this in a mug somewhere!)\

I ordered a few brand new single tarts, too…
Red Sugar ~ raspberry, strawberry, pomegranate and cherry blended with vanilla sugar crystals
I love this one! This will definitely be a reorder (possible in a fragrance…). Smells like every red berry frosted in raw sugar. It’s sweet and bright, heavy on the strawberries. This would be a great scent for the summer.

Avobath (Lush type) ~ a lemongrass scent on steroids
This tart was the reason I placed the order. I love Lush’s Avobath bath bomb and since my home store has closed, I can’t readily get my hands on it! This smells a lot like my favorite bath treat: creamy, sweet, tart, and bright. It reminds me of Fruity Pebbles! Now, if only they’d recreate The Comforter, I’d be set!

Oxford (Scentsy type) ~ masculine blend of ginger and frankincense with woodsy cedar and amber undertones
I got this just because of the name. I love Oxford, Mississippi so much. Not that I was expecting this to smell like “Oxford,” but the name was just appealing. This scent is slightly masculine, slightly sweet, and a bit powdery for my taste. I don’t really get the notes listed, but then again, it may need to cure. 

Pretty happy with this order; especially happy to have found a great Avobath dupe! 

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