December 19, 2014

Holiday Quicky

It’s been a while! I’ve been out of commission due to school, work, illness, and life in general. I found something, however, that I could write up quickly, and it’s something I think useful during the holiday season, especially in a time crunch like we are, now. (By the way: Christmas is less than a week away!)

Gifts are tough, especially for the estranged relative, the odd boss that only steps in on occasion, a friend you didn’t know would be arriving for the holidays, etc. I’ve fallen in love with making gift baskets – slightly cheesy – we could also call them care packages, whathaveyou. These can be thrown together with or without a theme, done up for couples (neighbors, boss and his or her significant other, the list goes on) or families that need them.
Let’s do this…

  • 1.       Care Basket/Get Well Soon Baskets?: I like to include daily-use things here like *hand sanitizer, *multipurpose wipes, *tissues (purse-packs or otherwise), *nail grooming items (files, slippers, etc.), *bottled water (name brand, think Voss, Figi, Pelegrino), *cough drops, *multipurpose pain killer like acetomenophen or ibuprophen, *lotion, *lip balm, and anything else for personal well-being!

  • 2.       Themed Baskets: Movie Night? Get Well Soon (just like above ^^). Date Night…Cozy Night In…Kids? Whatever you can think of. For a Movie Night basket: grab a good DVD or movie tickets, even. Throw in: *bagged popcorn, *sodas, *boxes of theater-style candy, *3D glasses are a cute retro touch, *maybe pack a fleece throw, one of the very inexpensive ones? And pack it all in a plastic popcorn bucket (these can be found at the dollar store). Date night: *a rose, *inexpensive wine or champagne, *wine glasses or champagne flutes, *chocolates, *breath mints or gum, for fun, *candles – okay, it doesn’t get any cheesier but this would be cute for newly weds or valentine’s day, huh? Go nuts with the themed baskets.

Think about your pets lovers, those that work outside, those that have desk jobs, those that eat out often, your coffee and tea drinkers, watch your age ranged, and consider couples gifts. A little thought can be great here but not totally necessary! Just mind your audience.

These can be thrown together at the dollar-store, too, from start to finish. I finished four baskets in one day having purchased the baskets, the basket fill, basket items, and basket bags (complete with ribbon and holiday cards on the inside) all for about $20 each; so affordable and so incredibly thoughtful.

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