February 13, 2015

An older TDC haul

This one never made it to the blog, for some reason. But here it goes; most of these scents are still available, I believe. Keepin' it plain and simple. These reviews were from fall of 2014, so yeah. Pretty old.

Clearance Items:
1x 4 pack - Pumpkin Patchouli: This is super earthy and wonderful. It smells like a pumpkin you’ve plucked from the patch yourself, still covered in dirt. There’s a deep element to it I can’t pick out, but it’s nice. Not overly loaded with patchouli, but enough to know it’s there. Lovely.
1x 4 pack – Cypress Cove: This is a reorder. I love how clean and almost masculine this scent is. It’s nice to melt when it’s raining, it sort of brings it all together. 

Zinfandel: Fruity but subtle. Think of a fruit you’d pair with a good Zinfandel and you’ll smell it here. This is nice and even, I like it. 

Dirt Road: I was excited for this one as a Southerner, we like our dirt roads. This has that “clean but dirty” element that I like in so many of TDC’s tarts. It’s super earthy, almost leathery, and slightly dusty like the inside of an old pick-up. This is crazy accurate. Love it. 

Pumpkin Carving: Had to do some super-fall ones this time! This is a bakery scent, not like raw pumpkin as I had hoped…the description, in hindsight, said nothing about raw pumpkin, so that’s my fault. Sweet, slightly spicy but not buttery. It’s just a good, standard pumpkin bakery scent. 

October Breeze: This one, like Dirt Road, is a good atmospheric scent that brings me to memories I’ve long forgotten. It has that earthy element I love and smells slightly floral. One note but it’s very nice. I like this one. 

Hayride: Another reorder, but I had forgotten what this one was like! I like the idea of it. Very soapy, slightly floral, and a touch clean. I wish this was more like hay and less like soap…and it would make a great soap. I like this one but it wasn’t what I expected. 
Poison Apple: This one is subtle but lovely. I’m getting sweet apple in the background – a scent like you’d find in a perfume or body spray – and pomegranate. This would make a great perfume. I like this one. 

Rootbeer: I’m one of the only people I know that can’t get enough of this taste or scent. And, just as I had hoped, this tart is effervescent, sweet, and straight from the soda fountain. I love this kind of scent this time of year. If you’ve ever eaten the root-beer barrel hard candies or even drank one at all and enjoyed it, this is spot-on. Just smelling it makes my mouth water. 

Cider Donut: This is a BBW dupe if I am not mistaken, but I’ve never had a chance to smell their or if I did, I do not remember what it was like. I may let this one cure. There’s a sweet, bakery scent but not a whole lot else. Slightly apple-y. I like it but it may just need to set out a bit before it’s ready to melt. 

Wine Country: This is very grapey. It’s slightly sweeter than what I’d like – wine, to me, has never been very sweet but slightly bitter, dry if it’s Merlot, and dark. This is fruity, however, and would compliment a wine-lover’s home. I like it. 

Red Lipstick: I had never seen this before from TDC, so I picked it up. There’s something super familiar about this scent but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s wonderfully sweet, though, pungent, and slightly fruity. You need this and I need more of this!

Autumn Lodge: Another reorder. This one is not how I remember, but I think it just needs to cure. It’s slightly powdery, slightly floral, very fall-like but hard to pick out distinct notes. We’ll see about this one. 

Harvest Gathering: This one is new for me. I love it. This one is going to take me from October well into November. Its fresh apples, crisp leaves, baked goods, and everything else nice about the height of the fall season. Love!

Apple Pumpkin Strudel: Very spicy! I get a lot of cinnamon here with a good balance of apple and pumpkin. I like this one a lot. No creamy not, like I expected, but it’s a good, sturdy “pumpkin/apple/cinnamon” that I need this time of year. Like it!

Freebies: This is one of the reasons I love TDC. I love freebies, who doesn’t, but I always find favorites here! It’s a good business tactic, if you think about it. 

Caramel Apples: Just as you’d expect. Sweet, creamy, sticky, and yummy. You can actually smell fresh, crisp apple here with a lovely background of hot caramel. Very well done. 

Sugared Pear: I was going to order this anyway, but decided on another scent. Glad I got to try it! This is wonderful. I need more of this. It’s very fresh and sweet. You can definitely tell it’s a pear (TDC does pear well!) and you can smell the sugar crystals! Love it!

I’m super excited for this batch and can’t wait to melt them! 

13 Ordered Tarts + 2 Freebies + 4 Pack + 4 Pack = 23 individual tarts for $20.34 (shipping was discounted this month down to $4, hooray) This breaks down to .88 per tart which is well worth it. The 13 Bakers Dozen Tart Package was $12, the two 4 pack tarts were 2.17 on mega clearance. I’m stoked!

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