July 2, 2014

Sigma Brush Glove Dupe

I'm just throwing my two cents into something that definitely has been said. If you're a makeup junkie like myself or have a lot of brushes or need a good pot-holder, I've found a cheap solution to a $35 gimmick.

The Sigma Brush Glove is a silicone glove that uses a variety of texture to deep-clean your makeup brushes. You can find texture anywhere. This is a silly product, in my opinion, and even sillier given the price tag.

These honeycomb-textured silicone pot-holders can be found hanging in the aisles at Walmart or any grocery store. You can get them from Amazon or just about anywhere. They're durable, they serve the same function, and they're about $3-4. Whut. Yes, grab one of these and tell me it's not revolutionary.

Okay, if not revolutionary, then maybe it just makes cleaning your brushes so much easier. I know that's what I'm about to do right now and hey, when I'm done, I can use it to take stuff out of the oven, am I right? Ha - also, I've even heard of DIY-ing your very own textures using a plastic clip-board and hot-glue to create waves, dots, lines, etc. Let it dry and use it to clean your brushes. Cool, huh?

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