July 9, 2014

Ten Digit Creations - Small Haul/Review 2

I ordered again - oops! - just days after my smaller one came in. They were having a 20% off sale, so what the hey. I also was able to stock up on some of their clearance goodies, too, and for around $25 shipped, I got some great stuff, as always! (Forgive the fuzzy picture, I was excited.)


What you see first are two sets of their incense. I've explained before that they have great incense, all hand-dipped and very pungent. Not too smoky, either, which I enjoy. I have Lavender Woods and Vanilla Cream. Lavender Woods is pretty decent but also pretty basic. I may not get these again just because they smell a bit generic; they're be used, however. Vanilla Cream is to die for. It's a deep, sweet vanilla scent laced with a roasted tobacco background. Love this one. 

Next, there's the two 2oz. body sprays. I got Twisted Lime and Georgia Peach. I'm always satisfied with these! Twisted Lime is like the scent of a margarita + fruit loops, it's interesting and fun! Georgia Peach is ripe! It's like popping open a fresh peach! Not too sweet, but more tangy and sour/bitter like a peach can be. Both are super authentic. 

Next, 4pk. wax tarts; these were marked down too low to pass up. Fig & Melon is candy-like, but sour candy rather than sweet. Heavy on the melon. It's interesting but after all four are gone, I might get sick of it! D'oh! Then There's Havana - I didn't know if these would be good or not! I have to say, I like it! I expected more patchouli but no, it's slightly floral and powdery, slightly cleaner than I anticipated. Love it. Then there's Aphrodisiac. This is a re-buy. I love how fresh and green this scent is! It's like standing in a summer-ripened tomato garden. It's earthly and herbal and you can really smell the summery greens. Love this one!

Two freebies! These are always something I look forward to with TDC. You don't get this sort of surprise with other companies. They sent Tobacco Caramel and this is one I'm flipping over. It's so wonderful! It's a slightly smoky, creamy vanilla scent. Very even and clean. I love it. This would make a great room or body spray. Next, there's Vintage Vanilla. (I love how they pick extras based on what you actually ordered. Very thorough!) This one is different but still creamy and even. Smells like a vanilla musk. Love it!

I am currently enjoying everything! No affiliation with the company, their products, though, are always on point and for the price, unbeatable! 


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