June 30, 2014

Ten Digit Creations - Small Haul/Review

I wrote the post about home scents after ordering from Ten Digit Creations and the inspiration arrived in the mail today! They're always so punctual! I made a small order from their Etsy store. (https://www.etsy.com/shop/TenDigitCreations) It's better, in my experience, to order from their Etsy outlet if you're making a single small order. For me, it was a package of incense and a random roll-on perfume I had found on clearance.

What I received:
1 package x 20 incense in Honeysuckle @ 2.00
1 roll-on oil perfume in Pear & Vanilla Bean @ 6.40
And they always are sweet enough to throw something extra my way and I received a single tart in Honeysuckle to compliment the incense. Again, a very small order but I needed (yes, needed) new incense and the roll-on was calling my name.

Honeysuckle Incense
Their incense do not disappoint. They generally have a great selection and you'll get 20-25 in your package for a great price. (Under $3).
 The Honeysuckle scent is not overpowered by the standard smell of burning incense. It's quite nice. I've got one going now and it's lovely. I think it's cool, too, that they're hand-dipped!

Pear & Vanilla Bean Roll-On Perfume

This is my first roll-on of their but not my first perfume and not my first time ordering this scent. I loved the Pear & Vanilla Bean tart they have and the perfume is very similar. It's sweet; it sorta smells like the way a pear jelly bean tastes, if that makes sense. 

The little bottle is lovely and the scent is definitely lasting. It'll pear (pun intended) great with any vanilla sprays or lotions I've got going on.

Honeysuckle Wax Tart
 I always love their tarts. This one smells nice and floral, very fresh, just like you'd expect. I'm probably going to heat this one up, soon. I could see getting a room spray or something to that effect in this scent. It's very nice and slightly sweet.

I'm always happy with my orders. Never a dud! And their hand-written thank-yous just go to show that customer service and consumer appreciation is best found in these smaller vendors. I recommend this vendor fully for all things scented. No affiliation, just one happy client. (http://www.tendigitcreations.com/)

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