June 28, 2014

Plus Size and Staying

I watched one of my favorite Youtubers talk about the plus size community and how underrepresented we are and nodded and agreed and let out a couple "amen sister"(s) throughout its duration. She is right and I feel that as a beaming size 28, I'd throw in my two cents. Ya'll may get a whole bucket of change for that matter.

Ya'll Don't Want my Money?
I hate spending money, honestly, but where I will drop a few dollars is clothes because I simply must. Plus size clothes are hard to find and even harder to find if you're not making bank each month. I find that those that aren't marketing to the majority of women (which are about a size 16 or so) are really losing out. I want clothes. The society we live in makes me wear them. So damnit, sell them to me. You know, a hospital nowadays has no choice but to treat you if you come in and need assistance. Designers and manufacturers should have no choice but to dress me. If I have the money, why not? 

It's Hard Enough Already...
Have you ever had someone say to you, "you've got a pretty face?" or "you'd look so much better if you lost weight," or the more backhanded, "you have lost weight, you look great!" and even "you're fat but you're gorgeous." These "comments" make me want to puke. I get enough from normal, everyday interaction without it being pointed at me otherwise like when it comes to buying clothes. Save the backhanded compliments for someone who cares. Why can't I be both BIG and BEAUTIFUL? I can and I am and we all are, no matter the size. I've often thought, why not just make everything from size 0 to 100? It doesn't make sense to market to only straight size women when numbers don't lie, more women are in double-digits as far as sizes go. 

We're Getting Better.
It has become easier in the last few years to find clothes and websites are getting better. (I can't say much for store-fronts, but oh well.) I find myself bookmarking all sorts of clothes to splurge on when I get the money. Until then, there are more and more places popping up with great sizing. I hate though, that for women larger than I and there are plenty of these beauties, they're having a much tougher time. And although I don't get any bigger, I don't really have the options because I know fewer companies marker over my size and most will stop at 28. But, alas, there is progress. 

Where Do I Go?
I'm gonna throw down a couple of sites that I've bought from in the last few years and tell you how I fell about them. This is for my reference and yours. 

http://www.asos.com/ Go here and find the Curve section. Great sizing information and really fashion-forward stuff. A bit expensive for my taste but I usually can find something I like here. 

http://www.forever21.com This is probably where I've spent most of my money on clothes lately. I love that there even is a plus line here and that it's mostly all pretty inexpensive! Cute, trendy stuff. I love their printed leggings and tank tops. These are my staples. 

http://oldnavy.gap.com/ Can I voice how upset I was when they took ONPlus out of the store? That's where I'd go for school clothes and one year, I came up empty-handed because they randomly took out all of the plus section. I hate even vouching for them now, but Old Navy carries some nice, basic stuff and their pants are great. It's tough to find the correct fit here, true, but each site has their pros and cons. If you know your size, they have great dresses, jeans, and work out clothes. Not as inexpensive as they used to be, but still affordable. 

http://walmart.com and http://target.com I like these two stores for their prices and the quality isn't bad, either. I know Target pulled their plus size line a while back in lieu of replacing it? That hasn't happened yet and may not. But both places and their plus size online section are pretty reasonable all around.

And there's a thousand more, just google or tumblr search "plus size online list" or something along those lines and you'll get tons of great instant-links that'll have you shopping in no time. My one tip is to have and use a sewing tape-measurer to get accurate measurements and that may help you get a better fit. And don't be ashamed of your size. If you're beautiful butt is measuring at a size 32, buy that 32 and rock it hard, girl! If you're chest is coming up at a 44HH, you'd better buy that size and do the damn thing! These are just numbers, folks.

Happy shopping, 

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