April 23, 2013

The Man-Cake (Maple Bacon Cakes)

That doesn't sound dirty at all, right? Wrong. I've combined what seems to be a hot recipe now that bacon has taken over everything - Maple Bacon Cakes (or cupcakes, these are mini-cakes) and they're delicious and everything was about $10 and easy, found at the grocery store on a late-night binge for me and I seriously believe a guy could whip these up in no time. I hate making bacon, so I would prefer if someone else did that.

Basically all you need is cake mix: I chose Butter Pecan because it seemed like the only one that would play well with maple anything (and right was I), stuff to make the cake mix (d'oh!), bacon - here, I'm using the cheap fatty stuff because it's a diet buster anyway, so why not, and cream cheese frosting. Maple extract is what I had on hand, imitation at that, so that went into both the cake batter and icing to taste. Be wary of this stuff as it is strong!

Just whip up the cake, bake 'em, and while they're in the oven, fry up your bacon. Easy! (Also, ended up with about a tea-spoon of maple flavoring in my batter and one in my can of icing for reference. The batter tasted like pancakes!) The batter and icing will end up looking essentially the same, but go with it. Taste everything, too! It'll likely lighten up with the cooking process, though.

And honestly, the cake wasn't very sweet at all. The icing is what made it and then, of course, there's bacon. Delicious bacon.

Here's your finished product. Well, here's MY finished product and I tend to cook like a well, like a man as in 12 a.m. at Wal-Mart, I'm just plucking things up and throwing them into my cart and you end up with this stuff.

I can attribute my "spare tire" to these nightly shopping trips. Good grief. 

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