May 23, 2013

Strawberry Orange Summer Cupcakes

I'm running out of ideas for summer deserts so I've put a spin on an old favorite. Add strawberry and citrus (lime, lemon, orange!) to any cupcake and it's generally going to work in your favor! And further, my creative side (she also has a sweet-tooth) has to go and dump chocolate chips somewhere in the mix. But I'll get to that.

As with the last recipe, I chose a mini-cake pan rather than cupcakes only because it was there. It was handy. What do you want from me? Ahem...grease and flour as you would - any pan you see fit!

On to actual ingredients, I used a boxed strawberry cake mix, a bit of orange oil (you can find this in the cake or craft section of your grocery store) a whipped cream cheese icing, and chocolate chips. (I've even found sugar-free chocolate chips to work in most cakes, as they're not too sweet but still provide that chocolate kick, too!) And then of course, combine accordingly with the directions on the box. Here's the orange oil I speak of. A cap-full will work but keep tasting, remember some of it will cook off in the oven.

Fill 'err up! My batter made out to be the perfect amount to make eight little mini-cakes so that's what I used.

After they've popped out and cooled, frost them with whatever you'd like. I chose the cream-cheese because it's unobtrusive, doesn't taste too heavy, and it works well with chocolate, strawberry, and orange flavors. If this all seems like overkill to you, you're probably right. I'm simply a mad-woman with a wooden spoon....

*Cackles and runs away*

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