April 15, 2014

College and What to Remember

I'm jotting this down here for your reference and mine. I'm in my fourth year of college (having switched potential majors several times) and need to put this here before I forget. Reading over this each semester will probably benefit me. 

1. Read it all: the class's schedules, the syllabus, any required readings, etc. There's always time for reading even if you have to make it. It's there. This will help you in the long run and reading is just so darn good for you, why wouldn't you read? Also, if there is a prospective class you know you'll be taking, check with the instructor for any required reading ahead of time and get started over the summer if possible.

2. Your professors and instructors are there for your benefit: not their own. It is their job to help you and you're paying to endure those class hours, good and bad. If there is a problem, you need an extension on an assignment, or if you just simply need help or someone to talk something over with, I have yet to meet a professor unwilling to listen. Make a connection with them in a professional student-to-teacher way and you will likely have a much better professor. (Also, job references, connections to future employment and events that will benefit your education and career, hello!)

3. Don't consume yourself
: if you do not have to: meaning work as hard as you can work without getting stressed to the level of medication or therapy. I'm not joking. It is college, most of us have been there and we all know how stressful it can be. Remember to exercise, drink lots of fluids, and have "you" time without external influences. This is especially important if you work and go to school full-time, have kids, or are otherwise busy making everything happen in your life. It is important and very healthy to have personal time. This doesn't mean going as far as taking a day off (unless you absolutely have to) but a quiet evening at home rather than a rowdy party. My best recuperating nights have involved Netflix and a glass (or two) of my favorite wine.

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