January 13, 2014

Buzz Issues: 03 A Rant

So this really may become a series. I care about my coffee that much.
On the subject of decaf and sugar-free...

At my own restaurant a few days ago, my assistant manager (I am below her in "rank" so to speak) took an order for a decaf coffee and all we had made was regular. We were freaking slammed. I went to make a fresh pot of decaf and she runs up to me and says, "decaf, regular...same thing!" and proceeds to pour the decaf-requesting customer a cup of regular. This does not fly with me. I took it from her hand and poured it out, told the customer a fresh pot was on its way, and she happily took a seat.


First of all, you could really mess someone up. A lot of people who want decaf want it because they can't drink regular or they have caffeine sensitivities. My mother, mentioned in the previous post, is a diabetic and it very sensitive to caffeine - it makes her dizzy and she'll eventually get the "shakes." Some people aren't allowed it in their diet prescribed by a doctor and otherwise, it's just unsafe and impolite. I can be almost okay with giving decaf to everyone if you're busy because they'll likely not notice but as for the other way around, no. Just no.

Some people are as sensitive to gluten, sugar, nuts, etc. as anything else. Allergens and food sensitivities need to be taken very seriously in a restaurant, if you work there or if you're ordering out. Watch what is going on.

Until next time, take care and drink up.

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